Choose Me (Company B)

Paul Keating: Since we've been together, baby, what a ride we've had A rollercoaster j-curve through the good times and the bad And maybe you got the blues But if you have to choose Then choose me. John Howard: You gave him your devotion and he treated you so cruel You took him to the top and now he takes you for a fool Who don't you break it up? It's time to shake it up And choose me. Dislocation, deprivation, well it's more than you should stand Keating: Working Nation transformation needs a sure and steady hand We'll be smarter, it gets harder, but we've got to push on through Howard: You don't need it! Why believe it? What's your country done for you? I'll pick you pretty flowers, babe, and bring 'em to your door Keating: Am I the only one to whom that promise sounds non-core? Howard: No, I always tell the truth Keating: I think we need a little proof Keating and Howard: So choose me. Keating: We had trouble, burst our bubble, but recovery is here Howard: I don't trust it, he'll just bust it, gonna prick your brick veneer Keating: Honest Johnny, later on, we gonna see a GST? Howard: No I swear it, I declare it, that will never ever be! Keating: So tell me truly, baby, is it him or is it me? Howard: Take a lolly, baby, think it over carefully Keating and Howard: 'Cos now it's up to you Whatever you want to do... But choose me.