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Ma(m)bo (Company B)

Paul Keating: There's a tale I heard Of an island man Tough and undeterred, he said "Haven't you heard? This land - our land!" "We belong" That's what the High Court said So when you sing this song, you gotta sing it for Ed. For Eddie. Ready? Band: Ready! Mabo! Mabo! Mabo! Keating: What's that name? Band: Mabo! Keating: For the Meriam people Band: Mabo! Keating: It was very unequal Band: Mabo! Keating: Was it totally legal? Oh no! Watch me now! Band: Mabo! Mabo! Mabo! Keating: Here comes another one! Band: Mabo! Keating: Native title Band: Mabo! Keating: It's alive and vital Band: Mabo! Keating: Speak the truth and make it so! And if we follow this philosophy Demand a land beyond compare Then girt by faith and generosity We'll all combine to redefine a beauty rich and rare In joyful strains then let us sing... All: Advance Australia...