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Until The End (Evig Natt)

Take me now and I promise forever My obsession, my darkest fear I have suffered enough My dearest, my love I can't stay here any longer I have lingered long enough Waiting for you My dearest, my love Again and again I've pleaded Begged for you to grant my wish A lifelong dream of you until the end Alone in life I face this path I welcome every step towards the dark A shadow I will no longer cast Only a faded memory of the past Come now my love Finally I feel no pain, no life Greet me like my dreams I pray it will last How I've waited for this moment I don't ever want to leave You mend the broken pieces of me I open my arms to you my daughter It's been a long time coming This time we will make it last This time I will embrace you heart The last drops of your blood It shall live in me forever