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Rollin' (Dungeon Family)

Oooooooooooooooooooo-weee Do-do-do Shoo-bob-shoo-bob doo-oooooo Do-do-do Shoo-bob-shoo-bob doo-oooooo Do-do-do Shoo-bob-shoo-bob doo-oooooo Are you rolling Down the same street that I'm going Up the same stream that I'm folding On the new ride? High is high - low is low Everybody want to go to heaven But nobody wants to die Nobody wants to die Nobody wants to: Do the don'ts Don't what is Colour outside the lines And nobody wants to try Nobody wants to try Nobody wants to I can feel it all over me right now And girl, if you're so good Got me on straight lock-down (down, I can't shake it) It's takin me, it's spendin me (I can't shake it) It's makin me want to be with someone (tonight) Make her feel (so right) Up the street Around the corner Down the block Around the clock It's bound to stop Or ease at least I can breath at least My brain release Pain relief It's the same belief that make you stand the chief And to this ain't the snuff so obtain the spluf Cellophane of reef Trade your grief For these magic beans Crown the stop Ride the clouds Surf the waves An earth decays Expose your soul Never close your soul Slow your role Never overload your soul Hold your goes Never lose sight of those I suppose We can all float away As it goes We can all know the way If we prose We can share the way No one knows We can all go today If we chose We can all roll away Until you're truly ready to say, "Fuck your fear!" You are not alive You don't have to settle and be stuck right here You can let me drive Come and ride the roller-coaster Give all the troubles of the world to me At least come and see, come see the other side This may be the way you want the world to be (Ohhh-oh) Shoop-bop shoop-bop dooooo [until it fades out]