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What Is Rap? (Dungeon Family)

What is rap? (What is rap?) What is rap? (Ha ha ha) What is rap... (Well I'm gon' tell you) We gotta tell y'all babe (I'm gon' tell you!) What is rap.. Rap is a deadly emcee (What is rap?) Rap is for makin some G's (What is rap?) Rap done went all over seas (Haha What is rap?) Rap gon' pay off my court fee (What is rap?) Rap is a summer breeze (What is rap?) You could listen to rap in the booty club, gettin a dick tease Rap is strike three (What is rap?) Rap is a universal school, with niggaz that look like me (What is rap?) Rap is from the center Where only the tighest white boys can enter (What is rap?) Rap is slang, from the streetcorners of yo' brain Each rap is a picture, painted in a gold frame Ladies is queens, niggaz that rap is kings (What is rap?) Rap is smoke in word, rap is smokin herb Some said "Fuck rap!" Now they stackin for a 'Bird (What is rap?) Rap is nuts and nerds If rap was a girl, she'd fuck every nigga on the curb (What is rap?) Rap is skid bumps Preachers rap, it just comes out in a religious form Rap will keep a honey in yo' lap Might hit for a lot of money where ya stack (What is rap?) Rap is a baby's first step Rap can be two letters, D and F Rap is the project slums (What is rap?) It was the drums, straight cultural! Like the piercing of the tongue (What is rap?) What is rap nigga? I'm a bum What is rap? Tell me what is rap? (What is rap?) What is rap? (Witchdoctor!) It's the heart and soul Of the niggaz, and these dirty red walls and toes It's a story of the day we lost all control Not the times we boss balled with hoes Not the rhymes we crossed-jawed with those They flossed all they golds, and platinum too Lemme school these motherfuckers on what rap been through Whatever happened to, "Wave 'em side to side" "Throw 'em in the air, lemme see yo' hands" Now we smoke and ride, niggaz ganstafied Now all they wanna show is straps, ice, and brands Niggaz might be fast, they mistreated enough You think they need they own brother to mislead 'em another inch Lead 'em another inch, keep in most suspense They need to just fuckin fence, these people is so intense And fecal like full of shit, the say that yo' shit is a hit And play you a whole lot, but pay you a little bit Once you make 'em a whole lot, they started shakin the spot They fakin the whole lot, deaf to 'em I pray for the day that God lay rest to 'em If I was him I wouldn't send one more breath to 'em But that's best left to him, I won't die grace for trim I don't dress fresh for them, I ain't impressed by them bows The devil can miss me with them hoes Niggaz wanna build they career on videos That ain't rap..... "Ya don't stop, ya don't stop" [musical instrumental until fade]