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Fooling Yourself (Skin)

(You) never saw the cracks Funny when you’re looking back You see all the signs were there (You) just didn’t know Sooner or later then Probably when the rain comes in Your gonna ask your self Where the time goes Bridge 1 I find it hard to leave Never wanted to deceive you But the truth is Don’t wanna do this Chorus (I can) pull the wool over your eyes (I can) laugh it off and tell you I’m fine (But) something inside me ain’t right (And I’m) fooling myself all the time (It) shouldn’t really be so hard Everything ain’t meant to be So difficult and Smothered in stress Maybe in time you’ll see We will never get to breathe Pure happiness Inside of this mess Bridge 2 i find it hard to go Never wanted you to know But the truth is Don’t wanna do this I will understand If you get angry But it all just faded away And there’s no reason left for me to stay