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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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You've Made Your Bed (Skin)

I’m a one night stand Screwed the whole damn year Cos your sneaky face Comes streaked with tears But I'm not joyful lover I tell no lies So you won't just get away with it Without a fight Now it's my turn to tell you You can't keep turning to me When she ain't coming home You can't keep flirting with me You've made your bed Go lie in it alone I'm the rotten cause That keeps true girls down Cause these tears of a heart Will have us all drowned But I'm no willing cover I seek no praise So you won't be getting away with it On sorry days I'm your contraband Your smugglers whore I collude with you When you want more But it's clear to me You thrive on my fear So it's time to aid the enemy And get the hell out of here