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Dead Channel (Mourning Beloveth)

The slow dark sludge melted down and solidified full of poison insanity and nightmares inside nothing outside emptiness it mothers demons that move the grace of addiction with a head full of noise and pills waves of raw transference tuned to a dead channel in search of a new womb it is mere content deprived of form everything is waste nobody seems to notice the absence of a living substance there was something else in the silence that I heard like something hauled from dreams and abandoned the mind drinks less and less people going nowhere somewhere following the moon tide like so many leaden idols leave them for the flies and the carcass of a dead world the universal rubble nothing left to rot abandoned and formless there are no mountains to make them cower all we seem to live for is pleasure end it burn it the fire is clean putting out the stars and extinguish the sun you seem to come away lost end it burn it nothing is clean no one seems to listen anymore a head full of noise and pills burn it end it it feeds on silence but there is something in the silence I heard it screams at me end it burn it if you let it burn it will burn our lifetimes out we have some leaks in the system where reality filters through a non linear flood of facts with each pulse of nothingness they show us trailers to make us hold onto nothingness splinters of a substance that pulsates like a former heart an anchor drawing us to oblivion and the bones the bare bones of existence an anchor to oblivion