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Ethics On The Precipice (Mourning Beloveth)

It’s a murky world that dull dark light that is animal greed where every human element is boiled away the cracks in reality to the white bone of animal agony for this is the edge of everything the cracks down the sides of reality the spaces between the cord drifting shoals of waste in the drear places the final disorder of all forms the cracks in reality for this is the edge of everything a point where it does not decay anymore the dust finally gets out it belongs to the end I felt the edge of a strange euphoria the sky like poisoned silver with the leavings of unhuman minds somewhere towards the end construction of things fell apart the cold sweating centre ripping along nerves digging into marrow down in the blood depths where everything grows entwined dead grey flesh pressing against the cord muscles knot pushed all the way to drown out everything strange to sweat you in your bed a memory of water somewhere towards the end it is slow and cold in the sludge of human misery empty of dreams burning with tension but it’s early here at the end the heart dragging and the chill of old silver right at the end of the world clawing the bottom of my lungs at the corners of perception like ragged glass over nerves you will have to claw it from them crushing life into the methane watch the old earth ebb away a sound like the universe apart like the sorrow of a dream