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My Sullen Sulcus (Mourning Beloveth)

Through a mirror of silver my sullen sulcus portrays some dark anger. For the grey lights wrapped their chaotic shape round my tired,hungry eyes. Fractaled rancour bleeds through the lifeless mirror within which all hope sprawls, dangling from the cool draught of air to amuse us all. The black and white frames which flash unerringly, bend they bend to an end, touched by scorching sunlight and this self induced madness Where I see the world explode into miniscule droplets of unnerving sadness But to stop would be to blunt the very stars that shine from behind a threatening stone. The yellow beams, touched by starlight, delve the shrieking tortured air, to founder in a sea of ether and a planet of fools. Idle minutes devour Open space, seething nebula takes hold and strangles dripping torment. Bright and lucid Colours meld design that seem to dip and swerve to fathomless depths, where eyes can drink the sights of dreams. It is in these moments of ponderous nausea that the scattered atoms solidify The cruel, silver portrait swallowed by time itself had uttered nothing but truth through the separated darkness. With morningfall, emptied it's aching particles into the reaches of my furrows.