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Masquerade - Act 2 (Dreams of Sanity)

In which the way is mind and mind is way. And off they went - both of them - The charm of luck fell in his hand - Or shall I say into his face ...? Or shall I say to you ...? This sudden moves his mind allowed - Walked distance to his fading past Left space for thoughts so mountain-high. Left space for thoughts to you. Where shall we fly my timeless pal? So strong in harmony we stand. The river Styx or Hades cannot hurt the sparkling sprouts of the living days. Shall find the rose's blooming hills To pick the chosen one so bright And water it in the endless wells Of what I found so deep inside. His steps stayed steady as he frowned uncertainty felt on his face No one could see behind his mask. No one could see behind. Help me half dead ghoules for long You've pierced me in my timeless days I've payed you with my blood and pain I demand: Take me as one of yours.