The Maiden And The River (Dreams of Sanity)

Now as I'm settled so old and outired And no one's here to tell about my live I'll sing this lonely tune again and again To bear the echos in my mind. The things I did - the words I said Though time passed by - I can't forget In hopeless times - alone I've cried Time, time - pass me by! A youngster's guilt once taken upon The strengthening shoulders of a growing man The weakness age has rolled in 'em pines Has not reduced the burdens I bear. Alone I stood amidst the river That flooded lightness onto my soul As a simple tune so true in its beauty was swirling across the glitters of light. And as my eyes focused upon a distant glitter amidst the woods The sudden ungreening of the trees unvailed a singing maiden's outstanding line. "Step forward to the shimmering one! Be kind to me my blistered feet! Obey! My swollen tongue for once in my life I have to - to..." But not I moved for all my might The maiden smiled and walked on by. No scream, no words - just the pain that echos on and on again. Since then I never saw again The skirts of springtime wandering by. For all the colours of the world Look dim compared to what I saw that day.