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The Prophet (Dreams of Sanity)

I would never think of me as a hero A bringer of wisdom of hope and of peace I never could think of me in a vortex of hope of future and vitality. I can spread my thoughts to flood the room Embracing and webbing the people reborn. The love they are feeling I never can taste; The sadness the hatered remains my own. So many souls - they long to be saved, Somne beasts, some sinners, some lost in their fate. For all to rescue my lifespan's too short, Refuse all the evil - divine all the gods? I never asked for a higher believing I never questioned the way I was born I never wanted to walk among angels I never wanted to be so alone. Alone with my powers - alone in my mind (The) holder of darkness - the bringer of light. This melancholy circle of giving - not taking Can not be endured by me. I'm here to flare a sign To guide the lost on to their fate. Like I (once) sent Dante his story to take. But no one holds that candle for me. So as the years of helping and bleeding Had passed away my will to live. I returned to the sea of my time and my being, I melted into (the) waves as it was my will.