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I Can't Get Over You (The Dramatics)

HELLO This is J L.J. baby No wait a minute please, don't hang up on me You see I know you been going through some changes But I've been going through some changes myself Walking the floors can't sleep Slamming doors darling to me it's just a drag But it's all because I Can't Get Over You I tired and I tired Oh I just can't get you off my mind This feeling I have for you Is strong indeed with a flame I can't put out I tired to do without you and fine someone new, someone new You found yourself a new love And it's driving me sane Oh I Can't Get Over You Oh baby I tired and tired, oh..... I just can't get you off of my mind Your love, your love, your love means more to me then life itself And without you I can't go on There's nothing, nothing I can do To pick up the pieces no matter how hard It seems that you were made for me baby And no matter how I try I can't, I can't, I can't I Can't Get Over You Over you, Over you Ohhhhhhhhh....I Can't Get Over You And tho I tried my best your love, your love Won't give, won't give my mind any rest Hey lady and I never thought I never thought, wooooooo That love could be, could be so dog gone hard That's the reason why I call ya My tears keep falling like rain from a weeping willow And all night long I been wetting my pillow Oh baby And I can't shake your love baby My friends keep telling me to find someone new Woooooo...They don't know how much I really love I can't stand to live without you baby Oh yeah, my, my, my......fade out