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Wise (The Dramatics)

I think it happened on a Saturday I heard the phone ring, ding, ding Who this? 'Vine yo... Wise guy killed last night by the Tracks, It was the same who our niggas teeth up Sent 'em back, we shoulda thrilled a long time ago We went this recording, now we owe The devil slit trough, without an intro Yo 'Vine, it can't be! Wise guest-starring me Can it be, we both got hit God legendary, he and General He survived A-dog, Hard to even picture god eaten by gray dogs He stayed in his world And he sidely sweard To tell the truth, that DeVon was like "Your out of cure boo" Wisegod Allah, warrior XY chromosome, sat heavy on the throne Touched something for you Ya stupid fail niggas fucked up Becouse bitches is talking They living, I'm twisting You alleybag You killed my man, you killed my man And you sent him back After this day, watch your hats Slugs flying everywhere, You could smell heaven in the air You can never get the god, yeah Now I'm cypher, You've been driving off the same battery We had, back in '91 that got you hyper God been beautiful, god been great God fed you, you died but we survived that day You killed your king, Rakeem Allah Gave him his life, he was your offspring Camouflage dog, days was green One righteous man fought for his right, gods pupil Yo, that's my fam, we snatch me out of big head van We tought you how to get gain, from sayin' "peace god" As long we translate Allah's tounge, spit the language hard Alley thoughts, identical twin My alias gasanate, the days close, The days close, how'd you know! Once the sun comes out and the rain is gone... I know I'm gonna see, a better day I know I think I'm crying, becouse of you I'm crying, don't want you to see me cry Love you Wise, love you Wise, love you Wise! (3x) I wanna go outside, in the rain... It may sound crazy, it may sound crazy But I wanna go outside, in the rain...