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B Train (Bravehearts)

All aboard! All the whores! [Chorus] Yo, we came to take shit to the next stage! And all ya mothafuckas, y'all betta be brave! 'Cause its that new shit Exclusive! Jungle and Wiz! Ruthless my nigga, straight out the brig What's happenin', comrade, you ready for combat There ain't no turnin' back with guns and cardiacs I watch my money stack and pop it like that I broke a nigga back with a baseball bat! I crack ya fucking skull, you'll need a body bag Ya family mad and sad, I'll be glad I'll cause ya laid out, in a bloodbath Sneak attack with the ski mask and the mac! See I got no gun range I got the block man I test my gun aim on soggy Cornflakes I got no love it's all pain Y'all muthafuckas don't want to bang with my gang And all these bitches over here want to give a nigga brains Got the stainless talk Police searchin' the Range They want to war when I'm doin' my thang I got ice on, chains and rings and things If you don't smoke purple, you can't hang Is you a Braveheart to the graveyard? Ah, lets get this mothafucking paper Is you a Braveheart? To the graveyard! Ah, lets get this money now, not late 'Cause its the B-Train (the B-Train) All the whores, all the whores! The B-Train, the B-Train Ayo, I don't stop, fuck the cops Body drops in the hood Guns shots, pop a lot Get the cash if you could I'm in the shade when the coke is cookin' I got hoes in L-A to down field Brooklyn Jungles the king of ballas and Queens I got a little ice on my pinky ring Money on my mind The hands on the nine Understand my nigga, its all about crime While the blocks full of money and gettas That know the difference between shootas and hittas Buyers and sellers Buyers and tellers No one guessin', investin' it up with a big weapon Wait till I catch his lil face, I'ma step in And all these brave niggaz got you in a daze No one stoopin' all the bitches gettin' paid I like that Ill Will Bring it back, Q-B to the death All these otha niggaz is whack 'Cause its the B-Train (the B-Train) All the whores, all the whores! The B-Train, the B-Train