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Situations (Bravehearts)

(feat. Jully Black, Nas) [Intro (Nas)] Yeahhhhh I'ma do it from back hereee What up Braveheart? what it taste like daddy? (chocolate cake nigga) Yeah that's what I'm talking about that's how it's supposed to be Life is beautiful Yo this girl tried to play me thow .. so I had to ya know .. I had to do my thing to step it up Get right with a new one .. Now I'm feeling alright so everythings all good [Chorus: Jully Black] (It's alrightttttt) Nothing ever gonna nothings ever gonna come between me and you Baby I just got to let you know (Knowwww) Nothing ever gonna nothings ever gonna come between me and you I promise you the sun moon and stars [Verse 1: Jungle] We used to meet at the motel Heart break hotel Body hypnotic exotic as hell Got a nigga in a spell She from my dreams Girl taste good like carvelle ice cream A few tatoo's on her butter soft skin I gave my support when she had that abortion Remember I could make you warm in the winter Buy you a mink coat every december And laugh and joke about the shit we been threw Then you open your legs and say be gentle I'll try I can see they spark in your eyes It's gonna be fireworks like the fourth of july Untouchable, unbreakable, intimate, multiple orgasms .. when I be rippin it Your favorite positions, neighbours be listening, hating and wishing that our relationship end But you my brave girl [Chorus: Jully Black] [Verse 2: Wiz] Now let me tell you what I am here to do My baby girl is stuck stupid looking misserable ma keep your head up Cause ma I'm right here let's do the damn thing girl it can't be love Cause I be waiting a minute for your walk by Listen I'm lifting your legs up in the air my only vision While I'm stroking thinking about money and smoking Hoping we could do this again and again and again and again yo I feel your pain I'm leaving your mouth dry your man can't do this ma he to lame Keep him of your brain While you let me do me on you drove off as soon as I came It was evident shorty talking celebent never this I am not reverend do you hear what I'm telling you The time is now or never shortyyy screaming and yelling Yo calm down and let my comrad tell it [Verse 3: Nas - singing] Girl you look so sweet (so sweet girl) But that is what you are (what you are baby) And no one comes between (nobody) Never some moon and stars (that's right) Some come sail away with me (me and you) Cause your my Braveheart girl (Bravehearts) And will get high with each other uh huh (uh huh) [Nas - rapping] Phase one we meet and exchange numbers Phase two is day two call you for a adress to come to Day three is phase three h-e-a-d usually But cause we just met there is other interests Want to smuther with teady bears and lilly's Wine and dine you I'm a gentleman but savage behind you Know you feeling me my carrots will blind you You love me but I love liquir and bud I married tijuana [Chorus]