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Knee Deep In The Dead (HeXeN)

Transferred from earth into outer space, A base on mars; the most desolate place, Home to secret projects and nuclear waste, Something's not right, there's this evil I taste. In the ninth corridor I'd pass on my way, A gateway stood that the scientists made, An "inter-dimensional space traveling" door, That on it's test run opened up to hell's core. Spewing out all over the radar scan, An unknown life-form; one never seen by man, Invading the base killing all who is in sight, Before I knew it I was the last one alive. Equipped all my weapons base is on high alert, No one picking up distress signals I'm sending to earth, Locked up all sector seven-eight floors, I'll trap them inside the ninth corridor. Sector seven-eight's down, destroying all the floors, Extermination is what they're here for, I shut off the lights and use infra-red, Hunting the hunters I'm knee-deep in the dead. From the shores of hell to our human realm, The devil sent his minions to overwhelm, Every one I kill ten emerge from the gate, They've arrived on earth and it's all too late.