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The Nescient (HeXeN)

When there came the time to reassess the world, Darkness would supersede the light... Compelled by wonder, pensive contemplations, The "how" more important than the "why". Logic refutes faith, When reason is nowhere in sight, Phantom to me is theology, A perspective more blind than right. Disillusioned now from the words of the theists, The emptiness in such a school of thought, A cruel position we are all trapped in, For so many questions, answers there are not. A palliative enigma; opium for the masses, An institution the world must omit, That hid the truth behind this existence, Humans are too timid to admit. Dilemma of endless times, Will remain 'till the end of days, We spend lives dwelling on the biggest questions, Unanswerable, it's time we waste. You must let go... If so... we drift here, lost forever, As is the dust in the wind, In this state of flux that is the universe, At the mercy of our own insignificance. So as you read... this treatise bleak, From the deepest abyss of my mind, We stand amidst this ephemerality, And have agreed to call it 'life'.