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Devil May Care (Robison Bruce)

The coffee is cold, the story is old, The letter lies in my hand The names have been changed, The words rearranged My baby left me for another man My heart should be broken, My head should be smokin' My big feet walkin' the floor but I can't find a tear Now the devil may care but I don't See I was just readin' 'bout the garden of Eden Adam he was really in love They had everything, you could ever dream And Eve said somehow it just isn't enough The apple it was picked and then they were evicted And eve said I need some new clothes And it's been downhill from there now, The devil may care but I don't I'm probably misdirected but a heart must be protected When angels come down from above It's highly overrated and it gets so complicated And I've never been lucky in love Here is the part where I open my heart, And tell you where it all went wrong Yes, there was this girl, she was my whole world And life was like a silly love song She said let's be friends, I said define friends She said I never wanna see you again And it's been downhill from there now The devil may care but I don't Anyone will tell you that a broken heart will kill you When love comes apart at the seams A girl will say she loves you and she puts no one above You And then drop you like a sack full of beans Well, my friends all remind me that Love will soon find me And I hope to heaven it don't A sad state of affairs now, the devil may care I'm probably misdirected now, the devil may care It's all downhill from there, the devil may care But I don't