Virginia (Robison Bruce)

You said you'd go just for a year, and I watched the tail lights disappear, your words like old foot prints upon my mind. yeah your family all was gone, but you couldnt imagine leaving long, you said you only get your life for this one time. but what do I recall when the world was all but changing in the mirror while I'm standin like an old stop sign. Yeah "courage" said the man, when you see your whole life turnin out nothin like you'd ever seen or planned. He said "There's always another day, and anyhow that's the only way, It's better just to learn that while you can". Well would she stay or would she go? With a girl like that you never know. What's goin on in her heart is hard to define, But I'm inclined to say Virginia, guess you made up your mind. WEll you taught me how to dance, and what it is to take a chance. there's learning and there's doing, its not the same. Yeah I held when you cried on the morning that your daddy died, if you're livin, you heard there's no one to blame, in hell I do alright but there's times that I can't sleep at night, and I think about things I didn't know stayed with me all this time, but I'm inclined to say, Virginia, guess you made up your mind. Yeah years go by and you don't come home at all or write or call or tell me what you did or didn't find... Yeah the young girl that I married, and the babies that she carried are the stars my whole world just turns around and I guess she's just like me, and she didn't care to much to see what life was like outside our little town Yeah mornings there are some, where I wonder if I've chosen anything that I've ever done before in my whole life. But that's all behind me now. Virginia, guess you made up - I'm inclined to say, Virginia, guess you made up - I don't mind to say, Virginia, guess you made up your mind.