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Road To Never (Venerea)

You're so right, it's true, what being free can do to you It's such a hit ... yes, Miss, you're right, nothing's quite like this You make me listen hard, I sit and stare But even Godot knows this nowhere and on a dull/dole day I can see forever ... here I go again Keep me on line 'cause I'm falling apart (start it up) How nice ... so this is my life: Big plate of air with nothing on the side Anonther day of Q&A (queue'n'nay) How'm I spose to keep to keep my mind at bay? I heard them say "We'll put you life on the lin, boy" parBut they forgot to put the line on the lifebuoy and I don't git it for the life of me, I'm drowning in the redundancy See me going down [repeat chorus]