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Herbs, Good Hygiene & Socks (Lovage)

I don't dig a lot of the establishment Well, your ideas and values They may work for you but They don't all work for me As far as i'm concerned Some are with it and well some aren't Hmm, that's a hard one to say It's hard to say, I'd say Well wash your ass every day Wash your whole body every day And brush your breath at least 2 or 3 times a day With your teef and then you know, wash the face Do any of these things prevent venereal disease, besides the rubbers ? Carry some of your herbal or salt or pepper around in your pocket Stuff, it opens up in your pocket and gets mixed up with your lint cotton Or mess with the flavour 'cause when you take the herb and put it in your mouth Then you gonna be eatin' somethin' then you got little strings of lint pullin' on your teeth So you just take it out and use the string for flossin' That's...that's far out What do you feel is the best way to To keep from getting a, a chick pregnant? I mean...i mean, what do you do? Well, you need different pairs of socks You know, some times you need the coloured socks That's if you're gonna wear one pair of socks to hide your dirt Then every, every, every other couple of days I mean, you wear the white sock You can wear them probably 1 or 2 days Until you try to walk aroun' an' they get caught in the carpet Then the dirt used up from the carpet gets up into your sock Then you get the little black spots on the side Or you can go and you get, you know, the different types There's other types of socks that's made for shoes But then they get funky and your feet start sweatin' and stuff Or you can get sweat socks that grab the sweat so they won't be funk And you get the powder into put it in so you won't get the funk or the funky feet Or that little feet and the stink is you have to be the funk Cuz when you die you go back to the funk And if you got sock funk you got to be funky cuz it stinkin Or something ran up in your ass and just died