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Movie Star (Rascalz)

Well she looks like a movie star (6x) Well she looks like a movie star like a chocolate candy bar Hey full blown genetics body athletic your body look good so I gotta give credit yo nough man sweat it cause they all wanna hit it cause you got that look like ya'll come get it short skirt wearing diamond earring and low draws on love to life daring and don't stop staring any party wearin and got more girlfriends who don't mind sharing sipping on liquor watchin my zipper wanna tear off my clothes and expose the big dipper UH OH here we go I know this game where you don't know my name don't know why you came cause usually you don't even go to clubs and give hoochie the caps and fed ec for love and it the first time yeah my first time to never did this before please be gentle Well she looks like a movie star like a chocolate candy bar well she looks like a yo a big body girl diamonds and pearls luscious lips, curved hips honey dips dangerous huggin on a man threw a wink and kiss that's why I can't understand how he's so pussy whipped and ready to flip gets beat down over that cause he cant control his girl stepping the wrong cat who don't play that and we don't play stucky yo one time we here two times she was lucky hard fit she couldn't handle it just wanna get close and peep my manuscript yo dem pretty chicks watchin cause they scandalous but I cant even knock em I'm a fan of it Well she looks like a movie star like a chocolate candy bar Well she looks like a yo a real fine damsel from any angle half shadee half Naomi Campbell sandals struttin like she hard to handle and make a nigga wanna gamble to get a sample of that double chocolate caramel chocolate vanilla and yella and milk chocolate yo des fellas take life to da darkest melt in my hands cause we don't eat chocolate thas what they all say but they just talk it they rather foreplay we just hit the target my only thought is how to make a profit and bounce with these girls in the cold to the tropics