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Really Livin' (Rascalz)

We're gettin' mad props, like on the movie set So take that to the races, 'cause it's a sure bet How could you lose when you're rollin' with the right stuff? I'm smooth on the mic, but still I like to drop rough When I let go, never on the techno Sell me soul for a million? Um, heck no I freak on the budha tip, suckers slip and lose their grip When I flip and trip, oooh, a nice busted lip But I'm a freaker, for the people 'Cause when I smoke a blunt I'm higher than a church stepel That's why I gotta thank God for what I was given My pockets are fat, and that's the way I'm really livin' So check it, you know I come to wreck it, I do much damage And like Don King, you can't manage 'Cause my crew stacks up, my number one backup And we don't even pack up 'Cause we cut no static, we just kick ballistics So don't mess around unless you really wanna risk it I'm runnin' down tracks as if they were a relay I know I've blown your mind, yes there's no need for a replay When I'm thinkin' it, suckers still be freakin' at it Yes I've passed this mamage, now I'm coming automatic So jump off my wagon, my crew was never laggin' Hittin' skins, writin' rhymes, then we're on the ball, taggin' Like juveniles, with the phat groovy styles Never been to Egypt, but still, we like to flow like the Nile Everybody got that? Make sure that you get it 'Cause I break more points than Swayze, and I can bet it Resign, I'm next in line, 'cause that spot's mine The Emcees intwine, I turn, and are hung from the spine 'Cause you the sized fist, and the fury I let lose I'm Quick to break you down and bury your head like a goose You deuce, I'm the ends that makes the break point in this race Deface your whole name and erase terror in the place Shed the dark, I clear park with the rhyme, I be swingin' like gates, I illustrate ill flows that I bringin' to ya I make 'em go through ya, Misfit, I knowledge just to get psycho like puma moona I devestate with the crew as we penetrate Refresh our buddha bless with the sess that stimulates Another rhyme, yes a funky rhyme, yo it's that time You step with intricance and catch a blast from my nine Ten, let's rewind to hear it all again And revise and memorize there lyrics to tell a friend You can't yank the plug on the vibe (hip-hop is livin') It's really livin' You can't yank the plug on the vibe That I'm givin' Phat, like I cause static and havoc to me victims Watch out, I'm swingin' a big rap star bash for the pen And heavy hittin', I'm splittin' g's in threes when I preceed Indeed, take heed To this lesson and lead I bring forth Off course, lyrics hittin' when I come up, flame stitchin' the souls of opponents like a blow torch The essence, eternally able to hold my own On the phone, I got a knack for throwin' sticks and stones to break bones A commander in command, in control, at the helm I gotta blast that ass if you step in my realm But since I sliced and diced your prime rib into minced meat My feat was your defeat, so take a loss and a seat My zone, get your own and your teeth off my bone And now I leave you hangin' like Stallone Check my lingo, 'cause on this phat track, I'm a let go Lyrics to catch wreck like Koresh in Waco In the style of hip-hop, I love it with a passion So wacth as a grab the mic and flex in this fashion Like Jane Fonda, 'cause I got moves like a Honda We're here to bring hip-hop, way beyond yonder I wonder, how far could we take it without selling out? 'Cause we're bad to the bone beyond a shadow of a doubt When I'm first to the verse, I've got a ninja-like swiftness And known to stone the mic with the bonafide stiffness From the underground, my grand central station I do what I want, and it's called an occupation And what I wanna do is for the whole damn nation Keep hip-hop alive for another generation You can't yank the plug on the vibe (hip-hop is livin') It's really livin' You can't yank the plug on the vibe That I'm givin'