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Abomination Of Winter (Goatmoon)

Reflection of steel, lament of bells, sounds across the field I am approaching the heart of esoteric twilight Eagles beak guides my vision as i stare at the trees Wth my hordes in fellowship of war and my blood courses cold In fallen snow, true frost. Exalted winter As reality is darkened in snow eclipsed with blood I exist possessed and dreaming in my nightmare reverie, so ancient Agony, combat zone. As rage grasps me. Demons howl, the final call I forget my own existence in demoniac passion. I am true power Scorching as i cut. Illuminate the winter sky Heavenly compulsion is ruined. I am kneeling. The wolves howl in my name. The forest screaming my name Fallen believers around me, i have slsughtered so many of them And i feel the warmth of fire from the burning church And as i bequeath my soul to darkness I am burnt with the unholy seal The pride of my heart so black and lethal