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Valley Of Shadows (Goatmoon)

Light glares from between boughs Feeling souls on fire A wanderer from shores away Birds canticle and calling of owls advice me I crest one hill and see one thousand before me Words fail to paint the beauty The incomprehensible might Following my step to the frontier I am awake. Birds sing my name Birds sing devotion to sun, to passion, to fidelity Bridge by sunlight. Over tree boughs i see the wheel of sun Living off the land Ilust for warfare and distant homeland Towards the northern distance and the paths unthrodden I wait to arrive to the warriors gate Hunting and stalking the meat My signs i have inscribed in treetrunks Summer's within reach and it's trailing songs Sorcerer's invocation, i am risen to the cluster of wind This route i have ranged once before i found These ageless paths once before me In my dreams, so long ago. I walk in monumental caves Slumbering in a chasm Spears of the great god, nature's lord The full moons command killing by night Veiled from mortals in incomprehensible might