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Wolven Empress (Goatmoon)

It is the time of autumn. Red eyes glare in the tick of the forest The Nocturnal host, invincible in war And their depths of rustic Cimmerian shade The Wolves growl my name. Come with hatred The hordes attend me. I accept the sword of obscurity Blades with signs. They invite me to see glory I do so, for now. I burn like the orb of night A ride towards the Lord. On the throne in the middle of woods She, the queen of night time wolves Her sad, lonely beauty torments me as mine torments her With white flame, white power Devil's rapture, poison and honeywraps me with the spell The spell of white power. She wants me to serve him I revere the starlight, snow ans beauty Ice grips my heart and i enter the part of the evil one Promised in my dreams, so long ago I was possessed and moonstruck Spidery webs of insanity spun As the wolves are my own blood and te night is alive With a thousand sparkles of majestic winter And the snow crystals shine And i let blood flow from my blackest blade