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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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I'm Scared (Hoku)

I don't know where we stand anymore You've got one foot in my life And the other's out the door And I can't believe this is happening to me Deep inside I've wanted to believe That somehow, maybe someday There'd be some one there for me And I hope I haven't lost my chance I don't want to wake up to reality Of you not being here with me There's so many possibilites That we let slip away And if you're heart could speak What would it say You're scared to say you love me, I'm Scared Will you always stay You don't have to run away I wish I could believe in what I feel I've been fooled so many times before I don't know what is real Maybe I'm just fooling myself I've been running out of reasons to let go Tried opening up my feelings But your door is always closed And I find myself dreaming my life away You don't have to worry Cause I'm running out of reason to say no