Seven Letters (Morgan Derrick)

This is my last letter dear to you This is my last letter, baby I just can?t write you anymore My poor little fingers are swollen I?m tired of pacin' the floor, yes I am Threw away our favorite records It's been tearin' me apart This is my seventh letter, baby Just to satisfy my heart Monday, I wrote and told you I was all alone and blue Tuesday, I wrote again, baby I said I love no one, no one No one but you, no I don?t Wednesday, I sent you a cable Beggin' you to call, oh yes, I did Thursday, I sent you a message I said oh, darlin', darlin' please come back home Friday, I woke up cryin' Wiped the sweat upon a tear I'll get a long lonely seven I did the same thing all over again, yes I did This is my seventh letter, baby On this bright Sunday mornin' Just get off my knees from prayin' I said oh Lord, oh Lord, please send her back home Can?t you hear me talkin' to her? (This is my last letter to you) Seven letters, seven days, seven long lonely days I'll say again (This is my last letter to you) Yes it is, yes it is, oh, yes it is (This is my last letter)