Train (Ford David)

Well the sun's coming up, and the dust it is clearing Down the line I am hearing there's a train coming in I left my home and my girl, tried to find someplace better oh but I never could forget her, so let this train take me home CHORUS: Oh please my darling forgive what I've done I've found nothing, just some big lonely world So take me back please my lover, take me back please my lover Took a train to discover I cannot be without you girl I was young, I was green Prone to foolish decisions At what I thought was ambition and a will to be free yeah but freedom's just some word Don't believe has a meaning So on this train I am leaving trying to get me back home CHORUS So pour another cup of coffee Pretty soon I'll be leaving I ain't done petty thieving Hitching rides and drinking beer And I'm so tired of having friends Just to keep out of prison Oh well this life really isn't all I hoped it would be CHORUS Took a train to discover I cannot a be without you girl