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Lisa Sawyer (Bridges Leon)

She was born in New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana Branded with the name Lisa Sawyer Circa 1963 Grandmother was Indian Indian Her mother's name was Eartha Swift as the wind Fierce as fire Her father's name was Victor Worked two jobs to provide for his flock She was the youngest of seven Seven She grew up on Louisa Street Chaos around but inside cozy Small but a mansion in her eyes Eyes, eyes, mansion Never had much money Money But was filthy rich With the wealth you couldn't get from a dark casino Or a lottery ticket They had love Love, love Rich in love She had the complexion of The complexion of a sweet praline Hair long as the sea Heart warm like Louisiana sun Voice like a symphony Of the most beautiful instruments Beautiful At the age of sixteen Sixteen She found Christ at an altar All along he was calling her name The gospel spoken from an old wrinkly man Man, man Gospel She was born in New Orleans She was born in New Orleans She was born in New Orleans New Orleans