A Baby Got Back On Its Feet (The House of Love)

And I’m rushing when I want to sleep I think too much about the things that keep me all strung out Lying in the night with my eyes wide open And the images are screaming out and honey is running over and over Stay away Stay away Little people beep, beep, beep And I heard it in a song and I knew that it was wrong Every face on every pavement knows there’s something good in everyone Have you ever watched a full moon glow in the night when you’re feeling low? Stay away, stay away Stay away, stay away Stay away, stay away, stay away Stay away, stay away, stay away Stay away A baby got back on his feet Climbing down the stairs, made it's way out of the door And the wink from a man on the street penetrates the brain, makes you feel the same And you're never going to feel complete, not till you're loved by everyone Stay away Stay away