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Willie Taylor (Uncle Earl)

Willie Taylor and his youthful lover, Full of mirth and loyalty, They were going to the church to be married, He was pressed and sent on sea. Dolly dilly dum dilly dum dum day She dressed herself up like a sailor On her breast she wore a star Her lovely fingers long and slender She gave them all just a smear of tar. Dolly… On the ship there being a skirmish She was one amongst the rest A silver button flew off her jacket There appeared her snow-white breast. Dolly… Said the captain to this fair maid What misfortune has took you here I'm in search of my true lover, Who you pressed on the other year. Dolly… If you're in search of your true lover Tell me what might be his name Willie Taylor's what they call him, But Fitzgerald is his name. Dolly… If you'll get up tomorrow morning Early as the break of day There you'll spy your Willie Taylor Walking along with a lady gay. Dolly… So she got up the very next morning Early as the break of day And there she spied her Willie Taylor Walking along with a lady gay. Dolly… So she pulled out a brace of pistols That she had at her command And there she shot her Willie Taylor With his bride at his right hand. Dolly… When the captain came to hear Of the deed that she had done He made her a ship's commander Over a vessel for the Isle of Man. Dolly…