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Crazy 'cause I Believe (Len)

Ya know what? Sometimes you just get so damn tired And things really ain't that cool But it's normal, man You can't let it slow up your pattern Somedays the pressure can really be on you And you might not know what to do about it You might get a little clausterphobic, Problems closin in on ya But you just gotta relax, man Plan your attack, man I mean, we all got struggles Though you can't win em all Cause life is hard as granite for some of us But you just gotta let it ride, man, and ride with it Cause some things only happen when you let it If you lose your head too fast, you might live to regret it So listen, man, listen So when you feel so way out And you feel like there's no way out You just gotta open your eyes, man, and rise Sometimes you just gotta give thanks when you're walkin slanted Ya can't take your blessings for granted So keep a good focus, stay cool, stay true And just let the sun shine right on through So let the sun shine through Oooh wake the eyes, the eyes that see