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Strike Up The Band (Yahzarah)

Hey, what's to hear without a theme music? Come on, y'all (Scatting) Uh-huh, I'm back! That's right Somebody strike up the band... Miss Saint James is here That's right, without further ado. Mm-hmm I heard that you avoid to ever come to save the day So have no fear So raise your glass and make a toast here, oooh Then 'round the block, let's have a beat, imagine me some blues Lend me your ear That was more what you came here for, c'mon baby 'Cuz you'd be in the basement grinding, workin' little hard for sho' Hey, lookin' like it's perfect timing Better act like you know, ohhh oooh We came to shake it up and make your body boogie woogie Get somebody, everybody turn it up and let me turn you on Hey, what you say? Go on, let the music play Somebody (somebody) strike up the band... (oooh yeahhh yeah) Miss Saint James is here Whoa ohh ohh oooh ooh, woo, woo, wooo oooh Take me out, y'all (Scatting)