Desperate Measures (Baby Cham)

Intro Waa talk to the MPs, the Opposition leader This mother f**king Prime Minister, Cut back on school fees, better jobs we needa Make sure this one register, wow Cho Nuh money naa make and man a suffer, And to how the country a run, it a guh tougher. Therefore, anywey it deh man a guh fah, Tek it say me say ghetto youths a nuh bluffer. You think them nuh waa inna them Benz and listen Usher, Buy mama house, toilet with button flusher, The system inveigle some a wi fi tun clusher, Now wi need some justice but wi nuh get much of. 1) Unno leave wi with nuh alternative but fi rob unno, Kidnap gag unno, Hall and drag unno, True the youths a think positive mek them nuh bag unno, Leviticus 20, 13 unno fag unno. Till wi get justice wi naa stop nag unno, Stop push wi round gi wi breeze unno hog unno, Poor People Robbers mi label and tag unno Memba when mi tag unno,.... yeh Yes and mi gag unno....worse Cho 2) Mr. How mi nuh too young fi be a revolution leader, But mi too smart fi be a politician leader. Caa push wi out with unno press and unno media, Why when wi smart wi them try fi get rid off. Fi uplift the poor I am more than eager, Government your minimum wage is to meager, How wi fi survive on that deh fatigue yah, Poor man when stan the system a the victim inna da league yah (not too sure About this line) Repeat verse 1 Cho Repeat Intro two times