Man & Man (Baby Cham)

Intro: Yo......Yo Yo!!!....Yo!!!...Yo Yo!!!, Yo Yo!!! Yo!.....Yo Yo!!!....Yo!.....Yo Yo!!!, Yo! Verse 1: Mi and dem nuh grounds man, so mi haffi frounds man Sit dem down and tone man, hug up wid a brown man Man and man nuh pound man, Weh dem nah go down man?!! Waan fi all around man, nuh pose like dem a sound man Weh mi seh go down man, and yuh lose yuh crown man Never too be found man, don't step outta bounds man Better hold yuh grounds man, protect unno owns man Stay up pon di rounds man, let mi hear di sounds man Verse 2: Ah Nikki dat??!, she sweet man, her friend dem waan fi meet man Whole ah dem ah treat man, dem gal dem bend and eat man Believe mi now she dweet man, dat dem use fi keep man Dem give fi whole ah heap man, till dat show deep man Yuh see har wid Phillip man, she ah drive di jeep man And mi and har ah sleep man, di gal let dem ah creep man A one ting though she steep man, she nuh come so cheap man Everyday she beep man, Selassie know mi weak man Verse 3: So wait yuh never hear man, nuh rotti dem a jail man Sit down him and bare man, nuh gwaan like dem nuh fair man Nuh beef she seh she hear man, tell dem fi beware man Tell mi seh she swear man, dem seh dat dem nuh care man Dem ah run di square man, how dem gun dem near man? Mi wait until it clear man, hook and dem ah share man Step go over there man, catch dem and prepare man Buss one in di air man, dem rob mi for dem chair man Verse 4: Notice from wha day man, Markie bredda Raymond Nuh act a funny way man, move like him a gay man Now him di deh wid Sate man, done wha??! yuh late man Da money pick a date man, dem bredda deh ah bate man Mi I push di gate man, mek mi tell yuh straight man Him never seen di food, yet much less fi seen di plate man Nuh party haffi rate man, haffi seh we great man Bun mi bun ah tight ah weh mi never haffi wait man Outro: Yeah.......Man ah badman.....we nuh fi hype Cause from wha day??..we look inna di goings yuh know And see ah pure vibes, and true mi name Baby Cham Some guy definetly nah get nuh ends So tek this straight!!!!! Repeat song till end