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Re-Bel (Head)

Mom and dad are not happy they fight every night They can't even get through just one day without a fight Mom and dad don't notice me they work six days a week Sundays we all go to church but we don't even speak Re-bel! Re-bel! Your parents have failed you and I'm here to tell you Re-bel! Re -bel! The world has abused you and I'm here to choose you My step dad he hates me so he hits me all the time But when we're around people he acts like we're all fine My real dad he left us all one day when I was four Mom got drunk and told me that my dad loved me no more The blood has poured out just like dust Just read the writing on the wall You're so consumed with your lust You do not fear my word at all It's time I break your family curse Of lies, neglect, abuse and shame You'll have to give me your life first You'll never be the same You're not alone anymore If you knock I'll open the door Don't forget about the golden rule Love me with all your heart If you give me just that one request We will never be apart Your life it means so much to me You've been abused in every way Everyone on earth has let you down now come try me They're breakin they're takin you down, they're Willin to kill you right now they're Breakin they're takin you down They're They're They're