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Memento Mori (Sadistik)

Tip your cups, to the late night writing binge/ Of stagefright, another playwrite dies again/ I reach for great heights and play my violin/ On my vocal chords where the great whites hide within/ Im neglectin' broken veins and the ventricles that break/ When I'm hiding what I feel in a Texas Hold 'Em face/ I better fold that ace, and find a past time/ Pride has flat-lined and my pedastol's at stake/ Reality's orphan kid, casualty abortion vict'/ Journalist of worth, personality contortionist/ My claws scrape the granite/ Scratchin' pain poems in hallways I'm trapped in/ I think of Colepaugh taking his final breath/ And the bullets that he lodged in David McDonald's chest/ I swear to god that I felt the bullets too/ In a homicide, suicide I sing the ocean blues/ Hear the sounds, of a thousand broken spirits/ A man who wouldn't lie and a crowd who won't endear it/ Confessions of a clown thats sounding so sincere when/ He always faced the ground, wrote it down in quotes and lyrics/ I've got a ghost, but he never stays in touch/ Another hole to dig and another grave to love/ Another fifth is gone, another day that sucks/ Another dream is dead as the summer fades to dusk/ I gotta find the time of day when I'm awake and no/ I'm not afraid to migrate and hide away alone/ And every single song I make is another piece of my/ Peace of mind, if I fall in line and swallow pride I'll (choke)/ On rum and cokes, I'm runnin' low on beer and weekend booze/ Just to ink a song and singalong right here to sing to you/ I'm out of love and tired and I'm sounding uninspired/ When I'm drinking 'til I puke without a single reason to/ With a one one two, when I con-front you/ When I do all the things that the fuck ups do/ Come to another place, undo lovin' mistakes/ When Im summonin' something abundant I'm lovin' instead of just runnin' away/ A-way to look past this is gaze through look glasses/ Semantics passions practiced actions and thats it when I catch wind in an-tics/ (I wrote this for you Phoenix... listen) Every single night I pray my letters form a kiss/ And it blows through the wind until it rests upon her lips/ A metamorphosis that the butterflies imagine/ In undecided fashion when weather storms emit/ She settles scores with this and I just sit enchanted/ As fireflies dance until her wish is granted/ I listen frantic to melodies of heartbreak/ It feels so temporary but she's telling me its always/ I'd die in hell so my angel's not alone/ And I'd swim inside her blood for a fatal drop of hope/ Just to prove our engagements are soluble/ and dance to the chorus when the rain hits the solitude/ And breaks into molecules, thats her/ Another piece of me that feels but can't hurt/ I stand firm, in this apocalyptic breeze/ Until I finally fall apart and then my confidence is breached/ And Im gone... and Im gone...