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Murder Of Crows (Sadistik)

It's beautiful when the sky is made of blue And my eyes follow suit as I try to paint the hue I embrace the view, with arms wide open A heart I've broken and a mind thats full of gloom Cuz every single love is a piece I have to carry On a back that feels broken in a sleepless January Even when the seasons change into freezing rain I won't be afraid, cuz I'm leaving Canterbury I walk a path thats been painted with the frozen rain Whispers in the wind are still praying that it snows again And even them I'm still chasing an emotion when I'm searching for some beautiful but saying that its so content The ghosts pretend and they tell me that I'm different Tell me I'm perfect, they tell me I'm significant They tell me every single lie they conjure and barter Because I am a monster And everyone that I've ever loved is dead They disappeared, and found a better one instead And even though that December sun has set I still read her lips, and I remember what it said "You're not alone Cody, you're not alone Just stay by my side and you'll what grace provides" I start to relish, she's archangellic And when she tells it, I can see its safe to fly Into the wind with a murder of crows So I can leave where I've been with the circle of vul-tures To ascend with my personal goals And I can sing to the dead 'til the surface unfolds... first I'll sit and listen to the symphony Mix it with my misery and kiss it til my lips will bleed This is me, Mr. bare-boned winter Who's been chasing footsteps where the scarecrows whisper In a ear discreetly, still and calm with Philharmonics, spoken crystal clear to teach me And when the pistoleers defeat me I'll just evanesce 'til I disappear completely This is just a monday night puppy love letter To a cherub that's apparent when the things become better If its an angel with a subtle recoil Then I can probably find an rainbow in a puddle of oil When I surrender... I watch the stars that illuminate the sky Til I remunerate what the lunar state provides And even when all that beauty-scape has died I choose to wait until the weight accumulates inside And soothes the aches... This is life beneath the monolith Where I can seek a guide to see that I can reach the bottom with The clocks will switch when the idle pieces ball to fists Cuz all of this is just a wish that I could meet the dawn again (3x) (At night I close my eyes) And I pray for the sunset, wishing you were here so the day wasn't done yet (At night I close my eyes) When the light glares in, I'll just dream about you 'til the nightmares end (2x) (Verse 2 - Louise Fraser) I never meant to release you, I never made out alive I never meant just to tease you, I never meant you to cry I never meant you to cry, I never meant you to cry At night I close my eyes, to be with you At night I close my eyes, just to see you again At night I close my eyes, to be with you At night I close my eyes, just to see you again Im in a rift without you, the sky is still blue At night I close my eyes Im in a rift without you, the sky is still blue At night I close my eyes...