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Playing God (Sadistik)

Ayo I'm starting to face that a part of me's fake And everything that they say is just hard to relate and then it (ends quick) and it starts to decay Until my (friendship) is a part of the phase And I, can't pre-tend, can't stand these trends Can't stand weak friends that have pretense Sad can't stand back at that deep end And now I see that I don't need friends And I feel like a modern day patriot With a mind of a God and a hearth of an atheist God's love is a conjugal visit Cuz you just get fucked while you're locked in a prison My passion's emphatic (its mixed with) tragic romantic (instances) Sadness and hazards (six six six) havoc that crafted (Sadistik) An eye for an eye and a tooth can trade Then you turn the other cheek 'til the bruises fade If you lose an eye, lose a tooth and lose a cheek Then your religion is losing face When I vacate, to a sanctity To a safe place, that was made for me And I placate, all my atrophy Then I won't say faith, isn't made for me I walk (a fragile path), of thought (and habitats) I've lost (and can't have back) across (the aftermath) Of befriendin' each sentence, endin' Retention defense and tension Repentance needs ventin' when in Dependent deep ended friendship Followed first on a path of hollow verse Solemn words that were both spoke but not emerged Gotta learn that I gotta get through autumn first Follow dirt that is gonna let the God occur Read your bible (script the verses) Stand for nothing (but sit at service) Find the meaning (but miss the purpose) Read in depth (but you get the surface) Some say, Ill have to be synthetic, to get my quotes red (read) like your Jesus said it Some day, Ill form opinion, either stand up to God or fall for religion The road you cross, isn't quite a crossroad Your bible's lines signify a barcode And I'll go, put a rhyme to reason Cuz Nietzche said "god is dead" and I believe him!