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Seven Devils (Sadistik)

(Verse 1: Sadistik) Somberly I sit alone watching while the city glows Keeping to myself, walking on my tippy-toes So silent but locked in with the witty prose To propose as confident when talking to the pretty folks And they’re so awkward in their videos Lost within a spinning globe, nauseous and it’s getting old Oh I can see it on their face I don’t get a lot of praise I’ll bet I’ll posthumously get it though So I can let it go go I guess Ninety-nine percent of one-percenters don’t exist I wine and dine with letters as a pleasure opiate To bring my mind back to the center ‘fore the medics open it So here’s another piece of me forgotten and ignored Another piece I sharpened with a sword The apple of my eye, she was rotten to the core So I left her in the trash where she belongs and I’ve long since ignored I know there’s aphids in my chest to get The butterflies I’m feeling when I strain to make the best of it I run and hide to heal again from basic taste of death I’m getting From the times of dealing with relationship-recklessness And now I’m hiding in the night Cause it’s a full moon and the lycans tend to bite There’s lighting in between my eyelids and it’s frightening when it strikes And it might get me blinded by the light It’s so quiet in a sense, the silence just reflects There’s a crisis in my head from the vices I possess And the prices that I set on the diamonds I collect Well I guess except one cause I hide it in my chest (Bridge) Seven devils in my head saying they’re a friend Seven devils in my head playing their pretend Seven devils placing bets, seven devils made of flesh Seven devils in my head craving for attention Seven devils in my head making their amends Seven devils in my head waiting for the end Seven devils made a pledge, seven devils playing dead Seven devils in my head saying they’re a friend I always believe you why don’t you believe me (Verse 2: Sadistik) I got a desk full of papers left for the tapeworms Breath full of Tanqueray left from the anger Head full of anchors, bed full of strangers That I think I met I forget what their names were So i’ll smile while I grit my teeth Dimethyltryptamine high I can get from dreams Fine, I’ll show why I’m a different breed Jim Morrison tip, I am the lizard king It’s like A Clockwork Orange Cody DeLarge show me your heart A star is born okay Pull me apart I can watch the gore and say I’m showing your god what scars are for today I write along right along a dotted line to write a poem Cause I’ve been on a higher height of flight to fight the tiresome I am just uninspired violent fired up Carcass that’s been caught in constant carnage so don’t try to run My eyes adjust in size when the light erupts I like the touch smell taste and the sight of blood What I don’t think that’s what I meant So here’s a snow angel that i’ll leave in the cement Let’s take a drink to the secrets that I kept Just between us and another for the pieces that I left In a sequence and I hoped that you would read it and it said That there’s one too many of these fucking demons in my head