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Virginia Woolf (Sadistik)

(Verse 1) I let the light sink inside my skin just so I can breathe again Balancing the weight between creepy and obsessive The world of the weight's on my back, backwards, wait Words back me in a way, I need to be accepted Everything is relative, the world is full of skeletons Dancing to the rhythm to pretend that they’re alive But I don’t got a bone to pick especially when they’re broke and hit The funny one, it’s cumbersome to wonder why they try A fifth in my right hand, quarters in my left Until my half-life is a hole inside my chest If I sit and listen with this individual diction Is it indiscriminant or just a symptom of the sickness? Or a metaphor of change? To break a dollar, people write their letters for a chain I’d rather write a chain letter, it’s better for the pain And the people in my life that always said I was insane I’ll throw a noose around the sun and be the pendulum Tick-tock, tick-tock, I’ll wait until the medics come I’ll be so high and so bright that if you want me back You’ll have to sit and watch the setting sun Bring my body to the ground Before they catch a breath they’ll be calling it profound Martyrdom for beauty’s sake, decorates the landscape As everybody’s hands shake from quality they found This is what it’s like to taste the Heavens and dismiss the grace Another year, another fake expression in a picture frame Another birthday wish and still it didn’t change A lap around the sun never took me to a different place But I have to keep floating Until I meet Virginia Woolf trapped in sheep’s clothing I could be the stones in her pockets when we walk in To the ocean and marvel at the coast until we sink (Verse 2) And as her lungs filled with water She watched the sun spill across her Until the mud filled her armor Sea shells spelled “Our love still will conquer” Nope, bubbles rose to the surface Anchored down where the stones and the dirt live Taste the ground that she chose to submerge in “Oh, Vir-gin-ia Woolf, don’t be ner-vous” (No) With all the medicine, your head you said has driven you to go And follow sadness, left for dead instead I’m diggin’ up your bones They’re all intact and set up when I get to give ‘em all a home An artifact that’s Heaven-sent, I get to visit on my own I’m alone now on the go-round That broke down slow when I pulled my soul out For sold-out shows full of ghosts of old doubts And profound hopes that I don’t control now I know, somebody come and set me free From the sea of an undetected grief Some things that you love aren’t meant to be Bleeding hearts run out of blood eventually So we can call her my atonement A message in a bottle that I wanted you to open It’s a poem, a sorrowful devotion That I left for you at the bottom of the ocean Virginia