Mountains Rivers Storms And Tears (Goodwin Carly)

Grandpa said we were inseparable Me and that old hound On a hundred acre spread The only playmate to be found When that old dog died I cried and cried And thought my world would end It's rough at seven losing your best friend Grandpa held in his arms and said (Chorus) There will be mountains on your path There will be rivers you must cross There will be storms that bring you down And tears and times of loss But all the things that hurt you most Are the ones that make you strong God will give you strength to carry on There will be mountains The big city lights were calling me By the time I turned eighteen So I packed my bags and said goodbye I'm off to chase my dreams On the ladder of success I'm trying hard to climb each day It always seems like somethings in my way When I think of giving up I hear him say (Repeat Chorus) There will be rivers Someday when I have children of my own When their hearts get broken Grandpa's words I'll pass along (Repeat Chorus) There will be storm clouds There will be rivers There will be mountains