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Amaranth (Galahad)

We're never in, we're never out We're always roundabout We're never far, we're never near We're always not quite here We're never up, we're never down We're ever changing sound... chaser... Here today, here tomorrow Gone today, gone tomorrow Amaranth, you're the overseer of all Never gonna fall Amaranth, eternally lie, never gonna die You're timeless You're never gonna fade You've got no need to pray Timeless Wish I could be like you Forever blessed with life We never win, we never lose We always battle through We climb up high, we lay down low But we never follow the flow We never arrive and we never depart We're not seen as modern But we're state of the art Here today, here tomorrow Gone today, gone tomorrow Amaranth, sitting pretty in the mud Took your chance and survived the flood Amaranth, mocking flesh and blood Though I don't disagree You're timeless Well, you've seen it all before What lies behind that door Timeless Watching us fade We're gonna tear it all apart I lie awake at night Empty, for fear of another worldly nightmare We journeyed through green valleys And along the rivers of life In search of a holy chalice To provide us all with the wisdom That we may need to conquer Our darkest thoughts and emotions Never once looking behind us For fear of loss in our faith But we never lost our faith What, what? You don't believe in us? You fools! For if you perish Then I will wither You are my spirit We will fade together I will guide you Never fail you Keep you breathing Spare your lives Through whatever may come your way Through wars and famine Disease and flooding I will always be at your side And your love lies bleeding Swamped by fear and misunderstanding But our resolve and constant searching Will nourish our dreams and keep us thriving