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Exorcising Demons (Galahad)

Hush now baby, please don't cry Everything is going to be alright I'll make sure our secret never gets out Of that I know there is no doubt One whisper from you And I know I'll go down Four times life And I'll be out for the count So hush now baby, don't say a word For if you do they'll think it quite absurd It's ridiculous, preposterous It just couldn't happen here, no way! Could it? For I am a man of standing And you are but a disturbed child So who do you think they are going to believe... Who? Sad boy sits a'weeping on his bed Thinking about what the principal did Thinking of his friends and Mum and Dad And the loving life that he once had But now it's been replaced by the seediest show And no one it seems even wanted to know I'd like to climb inside Your warped and evil mind Taking a sharp knife To the Devil's cancer festering within you The pain that I provide Will make you realise That your conscience Will be racked with guilt forever EXORCISING DEMONS I'd like to climb inside Your godforsaken soul And tear out your jaded heart EXORCISING DEMONS Such a shame you have to live Paid for the state I'd rather see you dead Though I know it's much too late EXORCISING DEMONS Young man sits a'pondering alone Coming to terms with the ghost of his past Psychological scars Are never going to heal The pain subsides as the years go by Now that he is older And has grown much stronger Maybe he's got the will to live again Exorcise those demons once and for All