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Spin (Trey Anastasio)

The days go by and I'm still alive Lost inside but I will arrive And I'm starting to fall, can't escape from it all It's better to go down easy When I'm stuck in this spin, look at the shape that I'm in It's pulling me down but I'm enjoying the view So lift up now if you're all alone Better start or you'll never know Time goes by in a flash, If you're starting to crash It's better to go down easy In a circular dive, when I finally arrive It's taking me down but what else can I do? Time goes past still it's all the same (and I've been with you all these nights) In time when you change the game (and hold yourself up to the light) It's past and you're all alone (But I will be here 'till the end) And I'll lead you home (If you can see it through my friend) Now we're caught in this slide, seems like one hell of a ride Taking me down, so easy. When I finally rise, and I open my eyes Looking around, and I'm enjoying the view.