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Sweet Dreams Melinda (Trey Anastasio)

Roses float across the water, and the ice is slowly melting next to you In our hideout down by the boathouse, lonely days are through 'Cause when you walked into that room, I've never seen two eyes so blue Sweet dreams Melinda, the summer days we knew Laughing down by the water, sweet dreams to you Went from Charlotte all the way to Savannah, laughing, your feet up on the dash Stumbled through the yellow lights of Toledo, and the rain was falling fast Flew from Boston down to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in a dream above the clouds, in a dream above the clouds Sweet dreams Melinda, when summer days are through I'll think of you on those long lonely nights, Sweet dreams to you And time after time, I go back to that morning And the water's so fine, sweet dreams Melinda Sweet dreams Melinda, The summer days we knew laughing down by the water, Sweet dreams to you