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Last Will And Testament (Beyond Possession)

Worthy of time spent His life painlessly departs Gone from their immaculate mankind Tearful hours replete All their sorrow filled hearts But unexplained voices start corroding minds The sky becomes gloomy Distorted images become thoughts Corrupt silence engulfs his resting place Minds so distraught On who inherits what Silent craving will cause their debase Emotionally drained loved ones Together one more time For the dividing of his estate The pain and the sadness Is on the outside But deep down inside You know they can't wait For each desire the old man's riches They'll possess them at any price The old man's last will and last wishes Have become a human sacrifice They have become obsessed with greed Inside his soul he had seen Benefit of doubt he gave The secrets locked inside his grave All eyes turned The will was being read The greed turns to disbelief For nothing was left They disposed of it all The old man's soul it was relieved He'd foreseen their nature Their selfishness burns deep Deep down deep down Inside their souls